We aim to raise a herd of moderately framed maternal females capable of weaning off a high percentage of calf weight to dam weight.

Breeding animals are selected based on disposition, feet, udders and fertility.

Bred Heifers

Replacement heifers are either home raised or sourced directly from reputable programs with a like-minded focus on production.

Breeding heifers are synced and AI'ed to  easy calving bulls, then turned out with clean up bulls.  This allows us to monitor breeding closely and tailor bull selection. 

Call Justin if interested (587) 217-9104


Cows are large percentage Angus as we feel they provide a versatile out-cross base.

Crosses include:

Tarentaise - excellent udders, maternal and fertility characteristics.

Hereford - docility and hybrid vigor for cows with longevity and brockle face steers that perform in the feedlot.

Simmental and Gelbvieh as terminal crosses to add frame and added pounds to up the beef in steer calves.

Ranch Beef

Each year we do a have few finished beef for sale.


Beef is sold in halves which is approximately 350-400 pounds of beef.  It can be cut and wrapped to your specifications (size of roasts, thickness of steaks, how much is ground into hamburger, etc).

Halal slaughter is an option our local butcher offers as well.

Give us a call to check on delivery time and availability.


Angus x Tarentaise

Bred Heifers

Angus x Tarentaise Bred Heifers

Summer Grassf

3/4 Angus x Tarentaise Calf

Chinook Ranch Heifers

Replacement Heifer Calves

Heifer Bull

Ole Final Answer 708C

Sale Heifers

2017 Bred Sale Heifers

White Spring

White Spring Calving


OLE 840D


2019 Bred Heifers


OLE 885D