2020 Beef Sales


Quarters for sale at $5/lb (GST incl)

Call Justin

 (587) 217-9104

Hamburger available



Looking for some steak to BBQ or brisket to smoke?

We can customize your order!

Beef is sold per half which is usually between 300-400 lbs.  If you have a deep freeze, you should have room for a half.  


A half of beef includes everything - steak, roasts, ribs, stew meat, hamburger and even soup bones and organs if you like.  We will get you to call the butcher so your order can be cut and wrapped to your specifications.  When you call to give instructions, the butcher will talk you through all the choices and give you some advice about how to choose your cuts.

The beef is priced at $5/lb (inc.GST)..  Cutting and wrapping (butcher fees) are included, but making hamburger patties or sausages costs extra.  Halal beef is an option at no charge.

Justin & Joan Hozack

Marwayne, AB 

Cell: 587-217-9104

Email: hanginghranchltd@gmail.com

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